Hwarang Bow Prices

The price* is $500 (USD), which includes the bow, two bowstrings, bow sock, and shipping direct from Korea (Some countries require extra shipping). A zipper case is available for an extra $30.

A slightly longer version (about an inch longer) of the bow, the janggung, is available for an additional $50.

*Quantity pricing is available; e-mail for more info.

Heavy draw weight bows [5# increments] 60# @28" or over (maximum draw weight: 90# @28"), there is an extra charge:

60#-70#: $50

75#-80#: $100

85#-90#: $150

Ordering: Contact me by email
Needed information:
Bow draw weight (at 28" for finger draw or 31" for thumb ring draw)
Regular length or longer (janggung) version
Bow case or no bow case
Shipping address (please indicate street, city, state, postal code)
Telephone number
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