Stringing the Hwarang Korean Traditional Bow

The method is a little different to string a Hwarang Korean traditional bow from how most Western recurves and longbows are strung. The best way to understand it is by looking at step-by-step pictures of how to do it.

First, slip the top loop over the top bow nock and hold it in place on the bridge pad with your thumb.

Next, place the back of the lower limb over your left knee and step over with your right leg. The back of the knee of your right leg will be against the belly of the lower limb.

While still holding the upper loop against the bridge pad of the upper limb, flex that limb so that the lower part of the string can be pulled over the lower bow nock.

Slowly and carefully let up on the upper limb, so that the string can become taut. Be sure to take any twist out of the string loop (but not the string itself) while placing it on the nocks.

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